Assessment Options!

- Interview for Readers By Ellen Keene
- Interview for students By Jan Richardson
- Reading Observation Form

Stages of Reading

- Great resource for characteristic of stages
Stages of Reading Development

Emergent Readers ( A-4)

Early Readers (5-16)

Sample lessons

Transitional Readers (16-30)

Fluent Readers: (30+)

Guided Reading Resources

Videos on Guided Reading
Resources for Guided Reading website

- Lesson plan templates for all levels

- Lesson plan templates for all levels

Strategy Groups

From Guided reading to Strategy groups- great article

Strategy group link- great article from off the Daily Five site on why we need to shift to Strategy Groups

Strategy Group Resources


1-1 Conferencing

Rick's 1-1 Conference

Reading Conference form- Here is a link to a google form for conferencing.
Reading Conference forms- Here is another example of how a teacher uses google forms to conference with students.
Blog on giving conferencing a face lift!- This teacher shares her thoughts and ideas on the benefits of moving away from paper/pencil.

Reading logs and Reading Response sheets

Google reading response

-Grades 3-5
- Grades 3-5

Grades 1-2

Grades 2-5

Grade 2

Goal Setting

Lit. Circles/Book Clubs

Choice Literacy video and article
Reciprocal Teaching

Favorite Resources for Literature Circles
Laura Chandler- Lit. Circles

Online Resources

Jan Richardson
Online videos and resources
Guided reading and conferencing-
Reading Resources
Reading workshop resources
Language Arts Resources- Grade 2
Posters for parents on Comp. strategies
Reading lady- Mosaic strat.
Google forms for reading- Scroll down to the slideshow and view how to use google forms in your classroom.
3rd grade blog on reading and more